Student Advisors

Each year, Off-Campus Student Services identifies 10-20 undergraduate commuters who are willing to serve in a volunteer capacity as an Off-Campus Student Services Student Advisor.  Student Advisors are willing to give a small amount of time to provide individual feedback (primarily via email or phone) and to share their honest thoughts and experiences as an undergraduate student who does not currently live on campus.  No meetings will be required.  Whether you work, have a family, or have a very difficult major, just about anyone can commit the time and energy to fulfill this important leadership position.  All we really ask of you is that you check your email and respond to short questions in a reasonable amount of time (1-2 days). 

There may be times when you will be offered opportunities to participate further, if you wish.  Local reporters sometimes want a student’s opinion, or we may be asked to find a student representative for a university committee or someone to serve on a student panel to for prospective transfers, for example.  We will share these opportunities with you to see if you are interested, but no additional activities are required for your position.  Your only responsibility is the provision of brief and timely feedback to the Off-Campus Student Services staff!

If you are interested in becoming an Off-Campus Student Services Student Advisor please email

2017 - 18 Student Advisors

Tracie Bellinger - Senior

Liane Birmingham - Junior

Chelsea Clark - Junior

Makayla Clem - Junior

Colin Doege - Senior

Elizabeth Gamboa - Junior

Daniel Hendrix - Senior

Kashuana Mason - Senior

Daniela Alvarado-Perez - Freshman

Madison Uhlman - Senior