Partner Property Information


Important Information for Partner Property/Leasing Managers

As a partner property, a subscription to our website distinguishes you as one of the premier student-centered properties in Northwest Arkansas.  It also provides unique access to students and the campus that others are not given. Properties who elect not to subscribe to our off-campus housing website do not enjoy the same benefits. Membership as a website subscriber and partner property is at the discretion of Off-Campus Student Services and privileges can be revoked if agreed to conditions are not met.

Throughout the course of the academic year, OCSS provides opportunities to connect directly with the student body by participating in Off-Campus Living Fairs, Razorbash, various sponsorship packages, and the off-campus housing website.  Consequently, with these opportunities come responsibilities on the part of each partner property.

University Policies and Procedures

Partner Properties are required to abide by all University policies and procedures, including Fayetteville Policies and Procedures and Board of Trustees Policies. Policy 225.1 (below) addresses solicitation, which properties frequently inquire about.

University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy 225.1 - Solicitation and Fund-Raising Activities

The buildings and grounds owned by the Board of Trustees at the University of Arkansas exist for, and are exclusively devoted to use for, the conduct of an organized and approved University program of higher education.  As such, these buildings and grounds are committed to being used for the non-profit, tax-exempt use of the official program of the University.  Therefore, private business activities are not permitted on University premises.  However, in certain limited areas, the University contracts with private firms to provide needed on-campus services for the convenience of students, faculty, and staff which contribute to the accomplishment of the University’s educational purposes. 


Direct Contact/Communication

Properties may not directly contact individual students, departments, registered student organizations, fraternities and sororities, residence hall groups, or any other student life group on campus. You may not contact student groups to offer event sponsorships, funds, discounts, scholarships, promotional items, etc.  

If a student group believes you can fill a need in their organization or for an event, they may contact you. If a student reaches out to you, you must call or email OCSS BEFORE committing to anything.  Off-Campus Student Services will then reach out to the department the student or their group is housed in to make sure they approve the partnership. Please note not all partnerships will be approved.  This includes events held on and off campus.

Email Marketing

While we cannot control or monitor all email campaigns, we highly recommend that all attempts to email our students be approached with careful consideration.  Students are already overwhelmed and email solicitation is another distraction from their academic focus, and not a particularly effective method to garner their attention.

Posting Materials on Campus

  • Posting of flyers on bulletin boards are allowed on a limited basis.  Consult the Campus Bulletin Board Posting Guide to see what is allowed in certain buildings.
  • No posters, signs or other articles shall be pasted, nailed, taped, stapled, or otherwise attached to any part of the interior or exterior (including windows and doors) of University buildings or light posts, telephone poles, trees, trash receptacles, or automobile windshields.

Violation of Policies

Our office has found it necessary to implement a “one strike” policy.  No warnings will be issued. The following are the guidelines for this practice and we reserve the right to make adjustments as deemed necessary.  Sanctions may include non-attendance at any or all Off-Campus Living Fairs, Razorbash, and possible monetary fines.

  • Any property or landlord found in direct violation of the University of Arkansas' Solicitation Policy.   Anyone representing your property on the campus, including students or others hired by the company will be held to the policies that were previously shared. 
  • Any property or landlord that does not abide by the terms and conditions for attending the February and October Off-Campus Living Fairs.
  • Any property or landlord that promotes discrimination based on color, nationality, race, culture, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion or sex.

We require our partner properties to respect the boundaries of our college campus and the academic pursuits of our students.

Partner Property Benefits

  • Off-Campus Living Fairs
  • RazorBash
  • Off-Campus Student Services Sponsorships
  • Sponsorship Packages 
  • Off-Campus Living Guide Ads
  • Partner Property Meetings
  • Sponsorship with Athletics

For inquiries concerning Partner Properties, please contact Susan Stiers at or 479-575-7351.