Leasing 101

Signing a lease and knowing your rights as a tenant can be overwhelming. The information below, from Arkansas Legal Aid, will educate students on their rights and what to expect as a renter.


Landlord and Tenant Law Overview

Arkansas is the only state in the country where landlords do not have to provide a habitable dwelling. Landlords are also not required to make repairs, unless it is explicitly stated in the lease agreement. You cannot withhold rent for any reason.

Lease Agreement Overview and Terms

Lease agreements can be long and filled with confusing legal jargon. Be sure to read a lease completely before signing.

  Security Deposits

Most landlords collect a security deposit to cover damages outside of normal wear and tear for when you occupy the residence. If a landlord owns six or more properties, the security deposit cannot exceed two months' rent. Renters are entitled to get their deposit back within 60 days of the lease ending, minus any amount subtracted for repairs. Renters must receive a list of the repairs performed and their costs.

Apartment Comparison Guide

Download or save to Google Drive this Apartment Comparison Guide to help you keep track of the different properties you are looking at!

  Fire Safety Checklist

Use this short checklist when touring housing options to keep yourself safe from potential fire dangers.

Move-In Inspection Form

To ensure that renters are not charged for damages caused by a previous tenant, fill out a move-in inspection form if your landlord does not provide you with one. Take photos of the condition of the apartment when you move in. Give a copy of the photos and the completed inspection form to your landlord and keep a copy for yourself.


Tenants can be evicted for failing to pay rent, staying in the residence after the lease has ended, or any other lease violations.  Arkansas has both civil and criminal evictions. If you are behind on rent, you may be served a Failure to Vacate notice and must leave the property within 10 days or be served with a criminal charge.