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City of Fayetteville Resources 

City Codes

The City of Fayetteville has codes in place to keep the city in safe and sanitary conditions for all residents. Codes that are important for students to know about include keeping the grass shorter than 8 inches, keeping yard free of trash and debris and not parking disabled or junk cars in the yard. Knowing these common codes can help foster a good relationship with your neighbor. City of Fayetteville Police Department is responsible for monitoring noise ordinance violations and parking in the community. Parking in the street is allowed as long as the car is facing the same direction as traffic and there are no posted signs prohibiting parking. Parking in yards is not allowed. The city also has laws regarding over-occupancy and only three unrelated people can live in a single-family home. 

Good Neighbor Program

Fayetteville's Good Neighbor Program provides tips on getting to know your neighbors and becoming a part of your neighborhood community. More information can be found on our Good Neighbor Program Page.

Water, Sewer, and Trash

The City of Fayetteville maintains water, sewer, and trash service for all residents. To begin water service, you must visit City Hall at 113 W. Mountain Street with a picture I.D. and a copy of your signed lease agreement, along with $50 for a deposit. Water bills may be bank drafted, paid by mail, online, over the phone, or in person each month. Fayetteville has a Pay-As-You Throw system for residences that put trash and recycling out at the curb. There are three different size trash cans that can be selected when moving into a residence, which increase in price as they increase in size. Any extra bags outside the can or cans without lids completely closed are charged $6.20. Recycling bins are free and you may have two per household. Trash fees appear on your monthly water bill.

Credit Counseling of Arkansas

All counseling services are free, regardless of your income level. Credit Counseling is available in-office, by telephone, and online. Other available services include a debt management program and financial seminars. CCOA-Fayetteville can be reached at 1-800-889-4916.

Electric and Gas Resources

Electrical power is supplied in Fayettevile by Ozark Electric or SWEPCO, depending on your location. Your landlord should be able to tell you which one, but their Ozark's service area map can be found here.

Ozarks Electric Co-op

Starting service with Ozarks Electric can take place over the phone. Make sure to call at least two business days ahead of when you would live service turned on. A $75 deposit is due upfront and $75 will be added on to your first bill but there are certain criteria that can waive your deposit. They can be reached at 1-800-521-6144.

 Black Hills Energy (formerly Source Gas)

If you home or apartment is heated with gas, Black Hills Energy will be the one you need to contact. Their New Customer Guide can answer many questions about what to expect and billing. When starting or transferring service, a deposit of an estimation of a 90 days' bill may be required. 


Starting new service with SWEPCO can be initiated online. Make sure to request service a few business days before when you need it turned on by. SWEPCO does require a deposit but it can be waived if you have a guarantor, who is also a SWEPCO customer, or a letter of good credit from a past utility company. 

Experience Fayetteville Visitor Center

Fayetteville's visitor center can be helpful in letting students know what there is to do outside of campus in Fayetteville, provides a calendar of events, restaurant information, and more. Their extensive trail guide is a favorite amount students and residents alike. They are located on the downtown square and be reached at 479-521-5776.

Family and Children Services/Arkansas Department of Human Services

Child Care Providers

The site provides a tool to search for licensed child care providers.

Child Care Assistance

This program provides financial assistance for quality child care and is made possible by the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF).   

Legal Aid of Arkansas

Legal Aid of Arkansas can assist students with legal issues as long as they meet certain income guidelines. If your issue relates to housing, they can assist you regardless of income level. Students must be a U.S. citizen to utilize Legal Aid of Arkansas, however they have an extensive library of documents relating to housing and landlord-tenant laws in Arkansas that anyone can access on their site. Call 479-442-4204 to begin receiving assistance. 

Ozark Regional Transit

Students can utilize Ozark Regional Transit to reach destinations in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Prairie Grove, Lincoln and more that Razorback Transit doesn't reach. Routes 1, 490, and 620 all have a stop at Lot 56, the parking lot at the intersection of Martin Luther King and Razorback Road. Round-trip fare is $1 for students. Route and schedule information can be found on their website.

Section 8  and Public Housing

The Fayetteville Housing Authority was created to administer subsidized housing for low income persons in Washington County, excluding the Springdale city limits, with funding provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Their website provides information and applications for public housing, Section 8 vouchers, and HUD/VASH.

 211 Arkansas Community Resource Directory

 The directory provides access to non-emergency resources operated by the United Way of Arkansas and funded through local United Way contributions.