Meal Plan FAQs


What are the benefits of purchasing the off-campus meal plan?

  • Charged to your student account
  • Pay with financial aid or scholarship funds prior to any refunds
  • Not skipping meals
  • Time savings – shopping, cooking, cleaning dishes, leaving campus to eat
  • Only have to find a parking spot once per day

 How do I pay for my meal plan?

Your meal plan is charged to your student account and must paid off by the end of the semester for which the meal plan is active in accordance with Treasurer’s Office policies. You can check the balance you still owe at Financial aid can be used to pay for a meal plan.

Can I change my meal plan in the middle of the semester?

You can change your meal plan to any other plan up until the 11th class day on your own in the Housing Contracting portal. After the 11th class day, you can only upgrade your plan and must contact University Housing at to do so.

Can you explain more about the Academic Year meal plans?

If you know that you will want to have a meal plan for the Fall and Spring semesters, you can purchase an Academic Year meal plan. There is no discount for purchasing the Academic Year plan, however you won't have to remember to purchase a plan again in Spring. The charge in UAConnect will be split between semesters, so half is due in the Fall and half in the Spring. If you withdraw from classes between Fall and Spring or do not re-register for Spring semester, your Spring plan will be cancelled at no charge. You will be able to change which meal plan you selected up until the 11th class day of each semester.

What are meal trades?

A meal trade is when you can use one of your available meals, according to the meal plan purchased, during certain hours at certain locations where you would normally have to pay for your meal with Dining Dollars. Most meal trades begin at 5 or 6 p.m. Locations and times can be found here. One meal trade may be redeemed at each meal period (breakfast and dinner). 

What is a block plan?

A block plan has a set number of meals per semester instead of per week.

When do purchases of block plans for the semester end?

Meal plan purchases end four weeks before the end of the semester. If you exhaust your meal plan, you may purchase a second one prior to this date. If you run out of meals in the last four weeks, you can add money to your Razorbuck$ account. You receive a 5% discount on food when using Razorbuck$.

After I purchase my meal plan, how long does it take before I can use it?

Please allow at least three business days to process and activate your meal plan.

Are Dining Dollars just like Razorbuck$?  

 No, Dining Dollars can only be spent on food items at certain campus retail locations while Razorbuck$ can be spent on any items, such as at the Post Office, for copying, in vending machines, the Bookstore, and more. Razorbuck$ can also be reloaded at any time throughout the year with a minimum deposit of $5, but Dining Dollars can only be reloaded in two $50 increments.

Can I purchase additional Dining Dollars for my meal plan?

Dining Dollars can be reloaded in two increments of $50 per semester. Remember that Dining Dollars, along with meals, expire at the end of each semester.

How do I know how much I have available, in terms of meal counts and Dining Dollars?

You can sign up on for an account to check your availability of meals and Dining Dollars. Any dining services cashier can also tell you your remaining balance.

What happens if by the end of the semester I still have meal and/or Dining Dollars unused?

Meals and Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester, so only purchase a plan you know you will use.

Can I use my meal plan to purchase a meal for myself plus somebody else, such as my child, spouse, or friend?

If you have Off Campus I, II, or III plans, you can buy a meal for one guest per meal period.

Are there reduced prices if I bring my child to eat with me?

Children of meal plan holders 3 and under can eat for free and children 12 and under eat for half price in the dining halls. Dining Dollars can also be used to pay for children’s meals.


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